An Italian “Bucket List”: #50

I’m often asked what I think are the “must-dos” for lovers of Italy, so I’ll be counting down 50 items on an Italian “Bucket List” – please tell me what’s on yours!

50. See the Palio in Siena.


Twice a year, in July and August, the breathtaking medieval Tuscan town Siena goes wild for its palio, an ancient horse race that each neighborhood (contrada) wants desperately to win. The whole city becomes a mix of fan frenzy and festive competition – I made it there once, in 2002, and will never forget the awesome pageantry.

2 thoughts on “An Italian “Bucket List”: #50

  1. I would like to go to Calabria or Sicilia or somewhere in southern Italy when the orange blossoms are in bloom so that I can be knocked over by the powerful aroma. When I lived in Fiesole (although my bisnonno and mama were born in Locri, R.C.), a friend told me that go to smell zagare was something I had to do. I remember my nonna, (who was born in Canada before my bisnonno returned to Calabria) wore a cologne that supposedly smelled like zagara. This is at the top of my bucket list.

    • Hello Mary, thanks for sending such an evocative plan for your “bucket list,” the orange blossoms of southern Italy sound incredibly enticing! Saluti cordiali, Joseph

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