What Moves the Stars?

My piece on grief, love, and “what moves the stars”… [read here]

Paradiso_Canto_31Gustave Doré, Dante and Beatrice gaze at high heaven [source: Wikimedia Commons]

1 thought on “What Moves the Stars?

  1. Dr. Luzzi,

    Oops! Believe I sent you an empty email–sounds like a Buddhist thing!

    I am lousy with computers. I attempted to send a note via the discussion section about your beautiful article, “What Moves the Stars?” (not sure it went throught). Your book and this article has been important for me to read as I too have lost a mate. Yet, as I stated in my discussion note, like trees growing on harsh mountainsides, this exile, loss, estrangement, can open one up to life. Like Dante’s experienced with Beatrice, unconditional acceptance can be a bumpy ride at times for one “who goes descending and ascending other’s stairs,” yet the ‘other’ can help lead, with fragile faith, to the universal acceptance of oneness—love being the source of Paradiso on this physical plane. Hopefully I am learning that through humility and openness.

    Thank you for your time.

    Larry Lemasters Wharton, NJ

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