20100212corriere-della-seraCorriere della Sera
One of Italy’s oldest newspapers, the Corriere della Sera, recently wrote on my essay “I Found Myself in a Dark Wood.” Read more…

To read my original essay, please click here.

D'Annunzio_4Il piacere (Pleasure)
Here’s my recent review of an important new translation of Gabriele D’Annunzio’s Il piacere (Pleasure). Read more…

AMFAlfred Hitchcock
On January 18, 2014, I discussed the aesthetic ideas and artistic control of Alfred Hitchcock in the latest installment of One Day University. Read more…

UnknownProvidence Journal
I was profiled by Karen Lee Ziner of the Providence Journal, in anticipation of my talk on Alfred Hitchcock for One Day University at the Rhode Island Center on September 8, 2013. Read more…

romanticeuropeSome kinds words on my first book….

The Modern Language of America awarded Romantic Europe and the Ghost of Italy the Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Prize for Italian Studies in 2009. Read more…

Choice selected Romantic Europe and the Ghost of Italy as an Outstanding Academic Title, also in 2009. Please click here for the full report.

Please click here to read David Barnes’s review of my book in the Times Literary Supplement.

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