Here’s a selection of some of my scholarly articles…

  1. “Verga Economicus:  Language, Money, and Identity in I Malavoglia and Mastro-don Gesualdo.”  The Printed Media in Fin-de-siècle Italy. Ed. Ann Hallamore Caesar, Gabriella Romani, and Jennifer Burns. Oxford: Legenda, 2011.
  2. “Verbal Montage and Visual Apostrophe: Zanzotto’s ‘Filò’ and Fellini’s Voce della luna.” Modern Language Notes: Italian Issue 126.1 (2011): 179-99.
  3. “Rossellini’s Cinema of Poetry: Voyage to Italy.” Adaptation 3.2 (2010): 61-81.
  4. “Tragedy without Society: Alfieri’s Italian Theater and the Discourse of Value,” European Romantic Review 20.5 (2009): 581-91.
  5. “The Rhetoric of Anachronism.” Comparative Literature 61.1 (2009): 69-84.
  6. “Criticism in Translation:  Alessandro Manzoni’s ‘Letter on Romanticism.'”  PMLA 119 (2004):  315.2.
  7. “Did Italian Romanticism Exist?” Comparative Literature 56.2 (2004): 168-91.
  8. “Echoes of Andromache in Inferno X.” Dante Studies 122 (2004): 27-43.
  9. “Literary Lion: Alfieri’s Prince, Dante, and the Romantic Self.” Italica 80.2 (2003): 176-93.
  10. “Introduction:  Translation Unveiled.” Yale Journal of Criticism 16.2 (2003): 233-6.
  11. “From the Dark Wood to the Garden: Dante and Autobiography in the Age of Voltaire.” Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century (2002:6): 349-70.
  12. “Italy without Italians: Literary Origins of a Romantic Myth.” Modern Language Notes: Italian Issue 117.1 (2002): 48-83.

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