Academy Awards Reading! Cinema Studies at Johns Hopkins Press

Thanks to Johns Hopkins University Press for posting on my Italian film book, A CINEMA OF POETRY – check out their fantastic list in Cinema Studies before the Academy Award this weekend!



Thanks to Bard College for organizing a recent celebration of my new book on Italian film, A CINEMA OF POETRY (Johns Hopkins, 2014)!

51kfzpve3l-_sy344_bo1204203200_ 9G5A2840_2 220px-La_Dolce_Vita_(1960_film)_coverartBottom: Original movie poster for Fellini’s DOLCE VITA by Giorgio Olivetti

Now Available: A Cinema of Poetry!

indexMy new book on Italian film, A Cinema of Poetry, is now available!

Millicent Marcus of Yale University gives my book the following praise: “Luzzi brings a set of powerful resources to his new study: a vast erudition, an ear finely attuned to inter-arts allusions, and an ability to discern the workings of poetic tropes within the language of cinema. The result is a deepened understanding of the category of the aesthetic as it relates to Italian film criticism and an affirmation of the riches that this body of canonical films offers to scholars and lay connoisseurs of the seventh art.”

To learn more about my book, including purchase information, you can visit or my publisher John Hopkins University Press.